A brief guide to the Patmore Co-operative


Patmore Co-operative is a resident led organisation which has been managing the estate since 31st October 1994.

Patmore Co-operative has been managing the Patmore estate since 31st October 1994. There are 854 flats on the estate. Although the estate crosses the boundary between the London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Lambeth, the freeholder (owner) is Wandsworth.

Patmore Co-Operative is an independent legal body owned and led by residents on the Patmore estate. Under a management agreement
with Wandsworth Council, it provides the day to day services on the estate including repairs, cleaning, grounds maintenance and tenancy and leasehold management. The Council pays the Co-Operative allowances to cover the costs of managing and maintaining the estate.

The Co-Operative is made up of members who are tenants and leaseholders living on the Patmore estate.

A share can be purchased for £1 and entitles a member to vote at meetings to elect the Management Committee, approve the Co-Op’s annual accounts and its budget for the forthcoming year. The governing body of the Co-Operative is the Management Committee which can have up to 15 members. The Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting of
the Co-Operative.

The staff are employed by the Co-Operative and the Manager reports to the Chair of the Management Committee

The Co-Operative is a Community Benefit Society. It is a not for profit community organisation which does not pay out dividends to its members. Any surpluses which it makes have to be re-invested in the estate and the community. It has a constitution and an equal opportunities policy.

We don't deal with social benefits. For further information about your housing benefits, click this link to contact Wandsworth Borough Council.

Members of Staff employed by the Co-Op        

Co-op Manager:  Mr Chris Laytham

Finance Manager:  Ms Julie Carr 

Finance Officer:  Mr James Williams

Estate Manager:  Mary Powell

Housing Assistant:  Ms Rita McNabb

Multi Trade Operative:  Mr Peter Radford

Estate Cleaners:   Ms Sheila Barry

List of Committee Members Elected at Annual General Meeting

Chair: Jimmy Dodd

Vice Chair: John Osbaldeston

Treasurer: Jenneh Duwai

Secretary: Lorna Ashley

Other Members: Doreen Bennison, Brian Burningham, Gee Campbell, Julie Cotter, Verline Forrest, Jennifer Henriques, Heather Kutsoati, Paul Legge, Munirah Olton, Ervine Smith, Juliette Williams.

The Management Committee meets at least 8 times a year and

  • makes the key decisions about the estate
  • monitors the work of the staff and contractors
  • monitors performance of the organisation.

Ward: Queenstown and Larkhall

Area Team: Eastern

The support team

 Co-Operative Manager  Chris Laytham 

 Co-Operative Manager Chris Laytham 

Housing Assistant  Rita McNabb 

Housing Assistant Rita McNabb 

Finance Manager  Julie Carr

Finance Manager Julie Carr