The Patmore Co-operative aims to provide a quality service in all areas of our work.   We take all complaints very seriously and in order to deal with them fairly, we have a set procedure to follow. 

What is a Complaint?

A complaint is a report of poor service from the Co-operative.  Your  complaint may concern; · The service provided by the Co-operative. · Unhelpful staff. · The way a transfer has been dealt with. · A repair not completed after it has been reported. It does not include complaints about neighbours or initial repair requests.  The Co-operative will not follow this procedure with anonymous letters.

Who can Complain?

The Co-operative Complaints and Appeals Procedure is available to anyone who receives a service from the Co-operative or is affected by the Co-operative’s decisions and action. Petitions from or complaints by groups of residents, individual residents, letters from Councillors, MP’s, Solicitors,  Committee Members or CAB’s will be treated as Stage 2 Complaints and dealt with accordingly.

How do I log a Complaint?

Stage 1 Complaint

In most cases you should first speak to the Housing Officer or Estate Services Manager, they may be able to sort out your problem quickly and effectively.  You can use the simple form below to send a message directly.  Entering in details below will generate an email that will be sent to the Patmore Coop office.  Alternatively you can also drop in the office, call or email us.

Stage 1 Complaints form

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Stage 2 Complaint

If you are not happy with the way your complaint has been dealt with you should write to the Co-operative Manager, Co-operative Office, Drury House, Stewart’s Road, SW8 4JJ using a formal complaints form.

Download stage 2 formal complaints form here