Plans to Build New Housing on the Patmore Centre site near Brady and Marsh Houses.

Community Easter Event


Chelsea Fringe on the Patmore Estate

The Patmore Estate are very excited to unveil the new Sundial Garden on the estate, in collaboration with UrbanCanopy, Nine Elms and the Chelsea Fringe.  It looks amazing and is a wonderful addition to our community and has been well received by our residents. 

The largest garden, an interactive floral sundial, is located next to the playground between Bonsor House and Cudworth House.  Come check it out!

Thank you to all those who turned up to celebrate the unveiling.


Community Party at the Rose Centre - 19 May


Chelsea Fringe on Patmore Estate

We are very excited to have Urban Canopy on the Patmore Estate working on a garden installation as part of the Chelsea Fringe festival.  This will be a lovely addition to the estate for all our residents and great PR for the Patmore.     

Urban Canopy are looking for residents who would like to be involved in planting the garden, green fingers not required!!


Patmore Sundial Gardens Front Page[319].jpg
Patmore Sundial Gardens Back Page[320].jpg


Update - work has started on this beneficial project

In the last newsletter we reported that EJ Vision have been appointed to undertake a large scale CCTV project on the estate.   This will involve most of the cameras being replaced and new recording equipment in the office.

We are very pleased to update that the work has started on site and will continue over the next 2 to 3 months. 

This project will help us to cater for the number of requests we have received for extra CCTV to be installed across areas of the estate. 

February 06, 2018

We have taken advice and looked at various codes of practice and can't see why Patmore Co-Op can't run its own network of cameras on the estate provided they are well maintained and managed.

We need the cameras.  There have been 4 stabbings in and around the estate over the past year.  We have outdoor events going on at the estate which are a concern to residents because of crime and anti social behaviour. 

So we have appointed a company called EJ Vision to carry out a major programme of works which will start during spring.  We will be replacing the cameras with new ones which have much better night vision and images.  The recorders in the office will also be replaced and will have the scope to more easily add new cameras to the system

Residents Meetings - AGM

We have added minutes and budget details from our March meeting onto the AGM page


Roofing Works

Works to begin in 2018

The first two contracts for replacing the roofs on the estate should start during 2018.

One contract covers the buildings from Wandsworth Road to Jenkins House.  The other covers Marsh, Kirtley, Mills, Brady, Mansell, Martley, Crampton & Cudworth Houses.

The cooperative has been spending money over the years trying to patch up roofs.  It is often difficult with flat roofs to find where water is getting in as it could be some distance from where a leak is showing in a flat.  With others the roof may not be leaking now but it makes sense to have the work done to prevent damage in flats at a later date.

In 2013, we engaged a specialist contractor to carry out surveys on the roofs and we made a bid to Wandsworth for new roofs to be done.  Now 5 years after out initial bid, the works are finally ready to start. There are 3 reasons for them;

  1. To make sure the roofs are watertight
  2. To increase the level of insulation on the roof.  This will help reduce dampness and mould in the winter months as well as heat loss out of the buildings.
  3. To improve access and safety for people working on the roof.

Window Safety

Over the past year we have had 3 incidents where windows have fallen out.  Fortunately no one has been injured but we are asking residents to keep a check on the windows particularly the hinges which snapped in this instance.

The types of problems could be that the windows are hard to open and close or ill fitting/draughty or showing signs of rust on the ironmongery.  We will then arrange an urgent visit for our specialist contract who will do a check on all the windows.

In 2014, Patmore Co-Operative engaged the Building Research Establishment to survey the windows which were fitted in the early 1990s.  They concluded that they are in need of replacement and we have asked the Council to put them in their major works programme but until this can be done, we will have to keep them in repair as best we can so please do let us known if you think there is a problem

Architects for Social Housing (ASH)

We had a very well attended residents meeting in November at which ASH gave a presentation on the work which they have been doing with the Co-Op and residents about developing a masterplan for the future of the estate.

Many residents filled out post it notes which were stuck on to the plans to give feedback.  The local ward councillor, Aydin Dikerdem, also attended the meeting to offer his support to residents.

We will be announcing another round of resident consultation and moving towards the finale report being launched in Spring.  We will produce a newsletter to set out the main points in the report.


Patmore has been working with Architects for Social Housing

30 November 2017

Some of you will have been interviewed by members from Architects for Social Housing (ASH) and some of you by our Management Committee who have been out and about knocking on doors. You're sending a clear message to us that you want new kitchens, new bathrooms, better play facilities, better lighting. That you are angry about our lack of a community centre and want to see us get one back. In conjunction with ASH we're putting together a report about all those things which we will launch early 2018.

But we still need to hear more from you. This is our estate and our homes... have your chance to tell us what you want to see. Contact the office using the suggestion box page, add a comment below or send us email  And make a time for us to come and speak with you. This is our Patmore: let's make it an even better place to live.

Parking - Campaigning for the estate

After two years of campaigning and meetings, our Chair Jimmy Dodd finally got parking controls re-introduced on the Patmore. Thanks to all the councillors and council officers from both Lambeth and Wandsworth who helped us with this. We're sending a clear signal to all those people that abused our estate streets that we won't have it.

Our next campaigns are:-

  • To get the road behind Fowler House/Wandsworth Road shops resurfaced.
  • To get a Controlled Parking Zone along Thessaly Road to stop the abuse and danger of uncontrolled parking there.