Architects for Social Housing (ASH)

We had a very well attended residents meeting in November at which ASH gave a presentation on the work which they have been doing with the Co-Op and residents about developing a masterplan for the future of the estate.

Many residents filled out post it notes which were stuck on to the plans to give feedback.  The local ward councillor, Aydin Dikerdem, also attended the meeting to offer his support to residents.

We will be announcing another round of resident consultation and moving towards the finale report being launched in Spring.  We will produce a newsletter to set out the main points in the report.


Patmore has been working with Architects for Social Housing

30 November 2017

Some of you will have been interviewed by members from Architects for Social Housing (ASH) and some of you by our Management Committee who have been out and about knocking on doors. You're sending a clear message to us that you want new kitchens, new bathrooms, better play facilities, better lighting. That you are angry about our lack of a community centre and want to see us get one back. In conjunction with ASH we're putting together a report about all those things which we will launch early 2018.

But we still need to hear more from you. This is our estate and our homes... have your chance to tell us what you want to see. Contact the office using the suggestion box page, add a comment below or send us email  And make a time for us to come and speak with you. This is our Patmore: let's make it an even better place to live.