Roofing Works

Works to begin in 2018

The first two contracts for replacing the roofs on the estate should start during 2018.

One contract covers the buildings from Wandsworth Road to Jenkins House.  The other covers Marsh, Kirtley, Mills, Brady, Mansell, Martley, Crampton & Cudworth Houses.

The cooperative has been spending money over the years trying to patch up roofs.  It is often difficult with flat roofs to find where water is getting in as it could be some distance from where a leak is showing in a flat.  With others the roof may not be leaking now but it makes sense to have the work done to prevent damage in flats at a later date.

In 2013, we engaged a specialist contractor to carry out surveys on the roofs and we made a bid to Wandsworth for new roofs to be done.  Now 5 years after out initial bid, the works are finally ready to start. There are 3 reasons for them;

  1. To make sure the roofs are watertight
  2. To increase the level of insulation on the roof.  This will help reduce dampness and mould in the winter months as well as heat loss out of the buildings.
  3. To improve access and safety for people working on the roof.