Update - work has started on this beneficial project

In the last newsletter we reported that EJ Vision have been appointed to undertake a large scale CCTV project on the estate.   This will involve most of the cameras being replaced and new recording equipment in the office.

We are very pleased to update that the work has started on site and will continue over the next 2 to 3 months. 

This project will help us to cater for the number of requests we have received for extra CCTV to be installed across areas of the estate. 

February 06, 2018

We have taken advice and looked at various codes of practice and can't see why Patmore Co-Op can't run its own network of cameras on the estate provided they are well maintained and managed.

We need the cameras.  There have been 4 stabbings in and around the estate over the past year.  We have outdoor events going on at the estate which are a concern to residents because of crime and anti social behaviour. 

So we have appointed a company called EJ Vision to carry out a major programme of works which will start during spring.  We will be replacing the cameras with new ones which have much better night vision and images.  The recorders in the office will also be replaced and will have the scope to more easily add new cameras to the system