02 February 2018

Patmore Kitchens Upgrade

The cooperative has started a programme of re-furbishing kitchens.  The work is quite extensive and includes new sink, units and worktops, new floor and wall surfaces, electrical upgrades and complete redecoration.  We are delighted with the finished product as are you.





20 November 2017

For the past few years we have been surrounded by building work! Battersea Power Station, the wider Nine Elms Development and the New Covent Garden buildings.  Patmore Cooperative has been working hard to make sure that our estate doesn't get left behind in all this. Our estate was described by one letter writer to The Wandsworth Guardian as "Wandsworth's forgotten jewel in the crown". We believe that is true.

Some of you will remember the results of the Council's own survey a while ago when across the estate over 80% of you said you liked living here and wanted the estate to remain. BUT. .. you said you wanted improvements to the existing homes.

Earlier in the 2017, the Committee and staff presented a budget for the current financial year which was approved at a residents meeting. As the year progresses, we often have to look at amendments to the budget plan and because we are a resident led organisation, we want to seek your approval for any changes. We feel that we may have to take money from our reserves to deal with a number of matters:-

  • Increasing number of repairs to the windows.
  • Improving the way we respond to problems with dampness and mould.
  • Supplementing the improvements to kitchens.

We know only too well how many properties continue to have major issues with the roofs. Patmore initially put in a request for new roofs to Wandsworth in 2013 as we knew then what work needed to be done ... so we are very glad that after four years of waiting, Wandsworth are finally about to start work.

We have been granted £200,000 towards the cost of re-furbishment of kitchens.

This will allow us to do around 60 kitchens during this year. We have already identified more than enough kitchens to use up this allocation but we will continue with the programme in future years as funding permits.

Have we got our priorities right? Come along to the residents meeting and have your say!


Garden Works on Patmore

Update on our works on the gardens in the estate

Over the summer months, work was carried out to 53 trees on the estate. A lot this was routine maintenance eg lifting crowns, removing deadwood, clearance from lamp posts, buildings and parking bays. However 5 trees had to be removed from various locations due to being diseased in particular fruiting bodies around the base.

We are now in a position to plant 10 new trees and the months of November & December are an ideal time to do this. Tree guards will be provided to give added protection to the trees during their formative years. We have identified a number of potential locations but if you have any suggestions, please let us know.